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Event Highlights

First ever Charity Run the Chinese Ethnic Minority theme. Learn more about the minority groups and Heifer’s alleviation projects in Yunnan.

  • Early Bird Enrollment:10K & 3K participants can redeem limited edition souvenir – honey from Heifer farmers and Miao ethnic bracelet (available while stock last)
  • Interactive games with “Heifer Ethnic Minority” theme help participants learn about unique culture of ethnicities.
  • Be a Heifer fundraiser raise extra donation and be awarded with personalized and one of a kind souvenirs(limit quantities), and may even win fundraising awards.

Introduction and Objectives

Since 2006, Heifer Hong Kong’s event “Race to Feed” has raised over HK$49 million to help thousands of impoverished farmers in rural China become self-reliant. Over the years, it has attracted over 9,000 participants. Other than the existing “1K x 5 Relay”, “Individual/corporate team 10K Run”, corporate staff are also encouraged to join “3K Fun Run” together with their family or friends. Together with us, participants will help accomplish the mission of delivering life-changing power to impoverished rural families in Mainland China! Donations raised will be allocated to poverty alleviation projects in Yunnan China.

About Heifer Hong Kong

Founded in 2000, Heifer Hong Kong is committed to alleviating poverty and meeting the needs of rural communities by helping farm families achieve a sustainable livelihood through animal husbandry and growing high-value crops in an eco-friendly manner.
Through multi-party cooperation, Heifer Hong Kong facilitates the development of rural cooperatives, thereby lifting smallholder farmers out of poverty and achieving integrated sustainable development in the community.
Recipient families promise to “Pass on the Gift” of livestock or the money equivalent, knowledge and skills learned to help other families become better off, setting off a multiplier effect that benefits many more families.
Until now, Heifer has implemented 180 poverty alleviation projects in rural China, lifting over 140,000 families out of poverty.